Best Sri Lankan trishaw slogan of 2010

I’ve seen quite a few but they have tragically disappeared into the fog of memory. The one that stands out does so only because I saw it on the way from an airport run. It was short and to the point:

No woman, no tears.

Everyone in the chariot has a good laugh. Than in a flash it was lost in the swirl of traffic before any phones could be extracted out of pockets.

Got anything to beat that? Remember, it has to be a Sri Lankan trishaw

Trishaw details

When driving in Colombo or anywhere else for that matter, I instinctively check the blind-spot just before I turn. Inevitably there is a previously invisible three wheeler ready for a collision. I was stuck in traffic when I noticed this one sneaking up on me. At least it had an interesting design. Now its blogged (see picture below) for all the world to see.

Detail of three wheel taxi, Sri Lanka

A more common detail of Sri Lanka’s three wheel taxi’s is the winged skull fastenings around the back that hold down the roof cover. Clearly visible in my old swathika taxi post.

What other details have you noticed?

Profound photograph with 3 Wheeler

Found this black and white photo of a 3 wheeler on Flickr. There’s something endlessly symbolic about. In one sense the picture has a circular feeling of being both fatalistic and hopeful – without sticking to any other. Add to that is a sense of endings and new beginnings. Perhaps I’m reading too much into images. Either way you decide and tell me what you think.

The comment box awaits your return and thoughts.