Impressions of an hair show

Slithered out of work to a change of scenery – the Sunsilk Style International 2007 at the BMICH. It was put on by PHABA (pronounced “PABA”).

Its the first time in my life that I’ve gone to such an event. The content of the show had nothing of relevance to me and my mental bright green mohawk.

Plenty of well dressed women and surprising number of guys. Practical house wife type stuff was openly discussed with a certain naively enthusiasm. The quiet fascination of the audience was oddly refreshing to watch. The women seemed quite absorbed and having a good time.

The men in the hair/beauty profession went around loaded with their shirts mainly unbuttoned, loaded with unsubtle jewellery. Plus a liberal amount of bronzy hair colour. It was clearly a big moment for a lot of people in the local biz. They clearly have put in a lot and I hope it works out for them.

The show was quite impressive -very slickly done. The Sinhala blending smoothly with the international fashinista attitude. The only difference was a blissful lack of arrogance. There were hair pros from far away as Lebanon (which should dampen the usual cynicism aimed at anything positive a local does) but the show had a distinctively local flair.

Overall the vibe was good and that’s’ generally precious anywhere.


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