Dinner party Sun Tzu types

You have been cornered by one (or will). Or perhaps you want to be (or are) one and need an extra payload of phrases to hold forth. So some pickings for thy utterances.

Sri Lankan airforce since 1971: a helpful overview of the Sri Lankan airforce since, well, 1971. The layout of their site is not friendly on the eyes but at least the content is readable.

For those who wish to lock on to technical minutia: an article on the Kfir C.10. The SLAF flies older variants but the Kfir C.10 link should give enough scope to keep talking merrily into the night, your duty free red label abandoned and diluting by its melting ice.

It will help to have seen some pics. Or better still spot something yourself.

And for those who relish the truly esoteric: Somalia, 1980-1996 – a long yet readable account of military aviation in Somalia and the horn of Africa. One of may places you can refer to when any conversation turns into a moan about the worsening “situation in the country”. At least we are not (yet) in a pickle like Somalia or Congo or Dafur or Sierra Leone or…. For depressing yet impressive sounding stuff check out the rest of the ACIG site’s African databases.

Perhaps if you are truly inspired and not handicapped by ethics, you might think of getting some old Warsaw Pact stuff off the battle fields of Eritrea and making a heap of $$$. Use some of the profits to stick a gold fence around the Bo tree at a favourite temple and keep your karmic bank account in the black. There’ll be plenty left over for the yacht.

Luckily, we in the Sri Lankan blogosphere have higher standards no?


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