Word loss

Sounds like an excuse but it isn’t. Blogging’s harder than I thought with work, family, and a social life.

Not for the lack of something to say, but the hideous amount of time needed to say it. The hardest part is justifying time spent on this activity when serious tasks are left in the waiting room, flipping through old Life magazines and looking impatiently for their number to be called.

A big part of the delay is the word massaging to make the sentences sound acceptable to the voices in my head (they all say hi btw, even the silent one in the corner – a weird voice I tell you). Further complicating the process – the proof reading, link checking and the reference hunting. Out of a shortness of time and a decent into sloppiness I feel I have reached for wikipedia.org far too many time. Still too embarrassed to look. But I’ll throw in an ad-hoc moratorium on it: no more direct wikipedia links during any month that is the square of an even prime number.

But finally I’ve been able to crawl away early from a Friday night event. Now lit by this gleaming screen (and accompanying table lamps) the thoughts percolate. One even farted (but gracefully).


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