The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Mohsin Hamid’s new book

Worth the risk of recomending even before I get my paws on it. But I’ll throw in the following ass covering disclaimer: IF this book turns out (however improbably) to be a bad read don’t ask me for a refund. You have been warned.

Found a link from Kitabkhana to an interview with Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid. His new book The Reluctant Fundamentalist is just out. Haven’t read it yet, but if Hamid’s past work is anything to go by, its going to be a good. The interview is a good read too.

Read his first – Moth Smoke – when it came out way back in 2000. I was in the US at the time but the phrases in that book took me back to the Colombo I grew up in with its roadblocks and Pajaros. Green Pajaros had an ominous symbolism in the late 80s and 90s- like the white vans of today. Remember?

Moth Smoke captured a perception of being in the world that is deeply human, familiar to a first world educated South Asian third worlder, yet impossible to describe directly to anyone else. So why am I trying? Read the book. There’s a lot in there that the denizens of the Sri Lankan blogosphere will identify with.

Hope the book makes it to Colombo before the Tsunami of Harry Potter, who has guaranteed shelf space, arrives.

Maybe The Reluctant Fundamentalist is already here.

For the prudently suspicious: this post is not some sort of guerilla marketing ploy. I’m not associated with any book retailer/publisher etc. Just a blogger who likes its books yet is picky about what it reads.


6 thoughts on “The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Mohsin Hamid’s new book

  1. Bought it at Changi airport. Excellent read and short; finished by the time the plane landed.

    False fixation on authenticity, but serves the function of making one think. But isn’t that the purpose of fiction: to ask the right questions so the reader can reach the right answers?


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