Colombo Sri Lanka geo blogging with Google Earth

It started off rather harmlessly – trying to create photographs of places for an early post – rather than just relying in links to other people’s images. From there it was a slippery slope (sorry that’s all the phrase-o-matic could come up with) to link online photographs taken around Colombo with satellite images from Google Earth and later Wikimapia. Personally Google Earth is a bit cumbersome to share images with. But I love its “tilt” feature what lets you crudely mimic an aerial photograph. Which I then save out as a jpg for this blog.

The first time I used the tilt thingi publicly was with the Barefoot cafe aerial shot post. I later found a post on Indi’s site linking to Barefoot’s Wikimapia location. Had stumbled across it a few weeks ago and found it worth while to register on Wikimapia and add my 2 cents worth (such lame duck sentences is a sign that the phrase-o-matic needs mere fuel. But the Colombo rains pervent me from finding dry firefood).

Lately been geoblogging Dominic Sansoni‘s Colombo pictures (as well as a few taken in the Maldives as well). After all he takes great pictures, travels around quite a bit and has offered some helpful directions.

Granted, the process I’ve mapped out for myself is rather time consuming

  1. Link to the photo’s blog page (not just the image) from my geoblogging page
  2. Create a Google Earth image and post it on this blog
  3. Link to the wikimapia page
    1. Link to the original photo page from wikimapia location
    2. Link to my Google Earth tilt image from the wikimapia location
  4. Post a comment on the original image’s page linking to
    1. the wikimapia location
    2. my Google Earth tilt image

Its going to be either a time eater or a nice little content engine. At least it covers one aspect of blogging: linking linking and more linking.

If it all falls apart at least I now know that WordPress lets you do nested linking.

Here’s the first go:

St. Lucia’s Cathedral, Kotahena, Colombo on Google Earth

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