Sign of development at Galle Face Green

Took the picture below yesterday (15th April 2007) at the only “official” entry/exit point to Galle Face (the Green being still closed).

A sign of development at Galle Face Green taken on 15 April 2007

Seriously underestimated the Sunday evening crowds trying to squeeze past the entrance to the Galle Face Hotel. The optimism of the van drivers who thought they could find parking on that narrow artery was quite shocking. The crowd density getting in felt more Mumbai than Colombo (thankfully the similarity is metaphorical). But the humans thinned out past the barely built pier. Over the course of the romantic paw holding walk with SO I noticed that none of the promises on the sign were visibly fulfilled. Unless if you consider closing off the green to be the establishment of a “zoning” system. We didn’t mind the subuded lighting which put me in a better mood than my earlier Galle Face post.


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