Sunday’s nationwide power outage

Power failures are such a intrinsic part of the whole third world experience that the local blogosphere seemed to have missed it. Perhaps there wasn’t one and I’m dreaming this up. Or felt it wasn’t worth a comment. Or I havn’t read enough blogs. Well for the sake of history (and unless I’m proven wrong), Sri Lanka had a nation wide power outage on Sunday the 15th of April 2007. The Asian Tribune’s version differs with Reuters (India) says. Most likely we’ll never know the truth (as in Rashamon).

At least we must be thankful that such occurrences (assuming they happened) are not a part of energy policy – as load shedding is in Pakistan {a country which exists to make’s Sri Lanka’s (political and cricketing) situation seem not that bad}.


5 thoughts on “Sunday’s nationwide power outage

  1. Think it is a case of the grid showing signs of failing. There was another one last night – in parts of Colombo at least and smaller ones before that.

    Lack of investment in distributing capacity is possibly the cause.

    Not a comforting thought. We may be in for some erratic power supplies in time to come.


  2. Yes scary.

    Happy times for the generator market though. Roaring away like in Lebenon

    Perhaps the kleptos will keep energy intrastucture in check for a slice of the generator market.

    ok ok won’t decend into the usual cynical gloom and doom pit 😉


  3. This is just Colombo, most villages and rural areas suffer daily and nightly power cuts often for hours at a time! Things will get worse given the intrastructure or lack of same!! With the rate at which huge apartment blocks are being erected all over Colombo, the city will surely suffer in the near future. Watch the toilet flush next!! ADSL has already gone that way too!


  4. Quite true.

    There doesn’t seem to be much confidence in public infrastructure. The trends seems to be an attempt to get off the grid (Generators etc). Sri Lanka has enough rainfall and humidity to create localised water supplies, enough sunlight for some sort of solar power (despite the expense). Don’t know how the sewage system could be dealt with (bio gas?). A few weeks back I over heard a person linked with the sanitation industry say that finding land fill plots to dispose of waste (rubbish/trash) is a major difficulty. Yet another a ticking bomb infrastructure problem. I suppose things are still better than quite a few places in the third world (for now).

    For the thieves who rule us, public infrastructure spending is yet another form of skimming aid money. Don’t hold much hope that they realise the importance that at least some of the money goes into making something that works. If things get really bad they will either build their own private utilities for themselves or move to their palaces in Europe & Australia…


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