Facing a signature change

Change is inevitable but its nature is less certain. Been noticing a particularly personal change for the past few weeks, but the realisation struck home today.

My signature has changed dramatically.

Perhaps over the last few months. I’m used to seeing my signature being long yet forcing my paw to write it seems very unnatural. Instead of a caterpillar of interwoven letters I seem to be generating a calligraphic series of splashes that charge extravagantly across the paper (and I’m not an extravagant personage). Lately, its been the thin paper of government forms that gets deeply grooved by the weight of my name. I get an odd feeling when I see the “new” signature pour out as I sign my name. Its almost as if I have to get used to a new “me”.

Clearly I’m reading too far into this. People mutate in the face of life. Graphology is suspect enough, though at a broad level its concepts and ideas sound plausible. However when it comes to actual “analysis” things tumble into something that very hard to independently validate. Anyway, CAN personality be independently verified at all? I suppose the problem with trying to divine personality from how one scrawls one’s name has a granularity problem. Its easier to predict if it will rain, than to pin point exactly where the first raindrop will fall.

When the nature of a change is fuzzy, yet manifests in a deeply personal way like handwriting, it is easy to give into speculation and ominous thoughts. Particularly if speculation is dressed in the robes of broad concepts and well worded hard to test theories. Speculation is futile. It breeds fear and misperception. Self knowledge comes from being compassionately mindful of oneself – each moment at a time. Not by squinting at a signature.

Another realisation is that practically ALL my writing is via a keyboard (nothing unique about that). It must be years since I wrote more than a few lines with a pen. That should factor in somewhere. Exactly where is impossible to identify.


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