Udappuwa / Udappu Sri Lanka Geoblogged

Udappuwa (also seems to be called Udappu) is small village on the north west coast of Sri Lanka. Its a place of several Hindu festivals. The most recent (held in early May) is poetically described in a post by Indi and immortalised by Dominic Sansoni’s photography. The most striking are the traditional dances performed by the local women which relate to the rituals around the water-rites.

Udappuwa/Udappu has a web site which is a part of the Living Heritage Trust Voluntary Service Organisation’s vast Living Heritage Network. More images of the festivities are also on the udappu.org site’s gallery.

Lastly the Wikimapia location. The general area is off the high res-maps. Located the place with a Wikimapia search and a reference to Mundel in Indi’s post (which I’ll brazenly assume is referring to Mundel Lake).


Seems I’ve stuffed it up again. This time with the naming thing. It IS rather suspicious that a Tamil village so steeped in Hindu culture should have a Sinhala name. In the confusion I’ve ended up using both. Irrespective of the comments to Indi’s post I ought to have used what the inhabitants of the place call it. Now work/toil beckons so the tedious task of changing/updating all the links will take a while. Think its more honest (and easier) to acknowledge the facts and move on..


7 thoughts on “Udappuwa / Udappu Sri Lanka Geoblogged

  1. UDAPPUWA is what it is now known as by visitors. With the Sinhalaisation of many Tamil names, the name boards changed. The old sign at the turn off used to read UDAPPU. There are many Sinhala families living in Udappu / Udappuwa who speak Tamil. As a first language. Like several Moor families in Lanka. Incidentally, the other day, a YesFM newsbroadcaster called it Uda-(as in UdaWalawe)-poowa.


  2. I love to reply about udappu
    As my coment udappu is a beautiful place . I love to be in udappu. I enjoy the beauty and i feel the naturality in udappu .Most of the udappu people doesn’t no the real beauty and the value in there village.I requested the all udappu villages to save and care your village . Importantly your temples and the most beautiful beach.


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