Sri Lankan needed for Global Voices Online

Clearly a great opening for anyone interested in journalism/media.

This post is a result of an email from Neha, the Global Voices Online South Asia editor about an opening/spot for a Sri Lankan “author”. Here’s how she described what’s involved:

Here’s what a volunteer would have to do –

Global Voices attempts to contextualize the conversations in the blogosphere. An author would have to post once in a week/ fortnight, with say four to five links to the most interesting posts and conversations in the blogosphere. This could either be thematic, or just a roundup of an extremely wide range of topics. The sort of posts that we look for can be read here -( the left blog section).

GV, to quote their FAQ is

“ international, volunteer-led project that collects, summarizes, and gives context to some of the best self-published content found on blogs, podcasts, photo sharing sites, and videoblogs from around the world, with a particular emphasis on countries outside of Europe and North America.”

Granted this is a volunteer thing – not paid work. GV‘s authors have guidelines etc and so sloppy rants won’t do 🙂 But it will put you and your blog on a very global profile.

Global Voices Online is a big deal. Its a project by Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society that began in Dec 2004.

If you like to blog and got the time (if I did I wouldn’t be writing this post) check them out.


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