Single life: 5,184,000 seconds left

These sorts of things seem to happen only in traffic and under the sweet blare of good old YFM. It hits me that I got less than 5,184,000 seconds as a single person. And the clock happily counts down to the Poruwa.

After all that tedious dating it all boils down to this. Meeting a total stranger (Sri Lankan aunties network) in a cafe and a few months later, a proposal in a parking lot (while fiancée was trying to find a slot).

The shocking part is how natural it all feels. To discover that there’s a human out there whose willing to put up with my nutty humour for (theoretically) the rest of their lives.

Well there are what some could consider compromises. No green (lime green) Mohawk. The end of avant-garde body piecing and the antibiotics budget they entail. I have conceded to refrain from commenting about the dangerous health effects of cannibalism at social gatherings.

Lucky I got my blog to keep the nuttiness contained but that’s another post


2 thoughts on “Single life: 5,184,000 seconds left

  1. hmm…what is it with everyone in the real and online world getting married all of a sudden..congrats.and a parking lot? hehe..she didn’t run into anything did she?!


  2. Thank you 😀
    Think its a sign of the time – there’s a time window in which most of the breeding occurs. In this era its later than usual I think.
    Nope didn’t run into anything but had to wait till the chariot was properly parked before there was any answer. But of course these are the sorts of questions best not asked unless you are sure about the answer 😉


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