Blogging takes too much time

This is not the inevitable “why I blog post” (yet) but admittedly its a bit of a navel gazer.

With a social life and work, time is precious. To the point where I’ve realised I got little time to peck out a blog post. Even when I do get the time, the post itself takes so bloody long.

There’s looking up links to back up claims. I do try to actually read the sites I link too – though lately I’ve been forced to skim. There’s the proper linking after picking the best referencing sites. I use the title="" attribute in the link tag to give visitors a heads up about where the link will take them. I instinctively feel that its a good blogging/HTML habit to have. Even the exalted Jacob Neilson felt so in the last century. However it just adds to the time it takes to simply add a link.

Finally, there’s the proofing and spell checking (my fingers lead to quite a few typos). There are those with alternative views on typos (of the spelling kind). Personally I can’t stand clumsiness in my own writing. Yet no matter what proofing I do mistakes happen. I’ve given up on beating myself over it and just fix them as they are detected.

Further muddying the waters is the fact that the act of writing tends to change my ideas. I’ve given up outlining a blog post. Having to reconcile the new thoughts as I peck the keys with the original outline involves too much mind wrestling.

Its easier to just bang out the thoughts raw and unedited, then mould something that sounds more like what I feel about something than what I’d claim is a logical argument. Yes it sounds rather convoluted but I prefer to go with a subjective feeling about what sounds true rather than logical.

Yet I persist because I enjoy writing. A blog’s conversational format takes out the pressure of having a structure such as fiction or some type of journalistic article. The motive to write is also propped up by a egoistic thrill some people actually might read this and a few (shockingly) actually like it. At least when I occasionally strike a cord.


10 thoughts on “Blogging takes too much time

  1. I for one enjoy reading your blog and the eclectic topics you choose. Personally I think the randomness of what we can blog about is the great attraction to other’s blogs. anyway keep it up – maybe reduce the frequency ( or reduce the research and be more stream of consciousness).


  2. Thank you.

    Very happy you enjoy reading my stuff πŸ˜€ Means a lot to get positive feed back like that.

    The strange thing is how these topics manifest in the mind and bug me till I cough them out in a post. Similar to vomiting. After a point the only choice you have is picking a comfortable position before the porcelain throne and let it out (had food poison last week so I know what I’m talking about πŸ˜‰

    You are quite right about cutting down on the frequency. Think that will be easier to dump than the research. At a gut level I want to link to other interesting stuff.

    Yes quality over frequency always rules but when that stat graph starts to dip the presure builds 😐 (OK so I sound {am?} like a stat nut in denial).


  3. Right now that would be a good sign πŸ˜‰

    Comments do have a feel of chatting than posts which feel more like a speech. So far comments don’t take much time at all.


  4. Even though I have only left one comment before this, I have been reading your blog for some time and like it very much.

    Don’t change your style.

    You have a kind of whimsical, wistful style. Um…not sure if those are the correct words to describe it. Anyway, I feel like that when I read them.

    One of my favourite posts was the one about an art competition for school children. Also like the one on the trip to Bevis Bhava’s house. Reminds me of similar trips in S.L. Also found your post on the book on English in Sri Lanka very informative.

    Anyway, hope you don’t do a major overhaul.

    Even the post after this one strikes a chord.

    Oh and the very best wishes to you and yours on your forthcoming nuptials. πŸ™‚


  5. Greetings & Welcome back “i”! πŸ˜€ (fun choice of user name btw)

    Thank you for your comments (and good wishes). Very happy to know I’ve mumbled something that is informative as well πŸ™‚

    Interesting point you made about my “way” (style πŸ˜‰ of blogging. I think its just how my thoughts vomit themselves onto the blog. Can’t think of any other way of verbalising them and staying true to feeling of what I’m blogging about. Don’t have much control over it.

    So no major overhauls or changes. Right now I feel luckily to bag the time to log on and peck something out. And its quite a pleasantly hopeful feeling to get positive feedback & good wishes.

    I have wondered if my “slightly” non standard way of putting things might obscure anything useful. Fortunately readers like you seem to like it.

    If you got a blog btw, send me the URL and I’ll link you on the blog roll of those who have commented here. Its an “exclusive” set πŸ˜‰ right now…


  6. Thanks. No I dont have a blog. Can’t think of anything unique and useful πŸ™‚

    I have to say I admire the time people like you put into maintaining something like this.


  7. I typed something up before, not sure if it went through.

    Thanks. Thats kind of you. To be honest, don’t have anything unique or informative to add so don’t have a blog. πŸ™‚

    I admire how much effort goes into maintaining something like this!

    Regarding user name, usually I use anon, because I can’t think of anything clever…but finally found something appropriate. πŸ™‚


  8. don’t have anything unique or informative to add so don’t have a blog

    Well that’s what everyone says πŸ˜‰ but the hardest thing to find is the time 😐


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