Lets ban something


  • booze
  • guns
  • violence on TV
  • globalism
  • TV
  • night clubs
  • peaceniks
  • war
  • people who shoot peaceniks
  • arms dealers
  • radar
  • the news
  • peace for the wicked
  • censorship
  • NGO
  • people who want to ban NGO
  • freedom (you young people these days need rules you know)
  • crime
  • government forms
  • and anarchists who create them
  • cows that moo without character
  • sex
  • the infidel & the believers
  • how about poor quality vodka ?
  • (hic)
  • OpenBSD
  • all the isms of the world
  • the rich
  • the bovine excrement called race ethnicity and nationalism
  • Cuban cigars
  • hate
  • romantic moonlight flights in your Zlin
  • stray cats
  • the LTTE (something accomplished and it was so easy no?)
  • SUVs and 2 stroke engines
  • poverty
  • holes in the roads
  • the Internet
  • caste
  • blog posts with typos (like this)
  • a separate state
  • the fear of honesty
  • beggars
  • bad teachers
  • a unified state
  • the rain
  • corruption
  • cars
  • public transport
  • the eating of green pine apples
  • horse racing
  • lists like this that are poor imitations (thank you Charles for your words anyway)

and we will no doubt create paradise (we live in one but its a mess)

Politicians will not be banned. We need some one to lead us into the blinding light of the on-coming train.

Its been a long week and its late. Too many blog posts in the brain but too sleepy to vomit them though the keys.

Thank you for read.


2 thoughts on “Lets ban something

  1. haha. good list man!
    here is few more
    – hindi movies
    – english movies
    – adults only movies
    – femails in movies
    – other religons (always other religons)
    – ladies fashion
    – other news papers (only other news papers)
    – radio
    – DVD
    – short hair for girls
    – long hair for men
    – Paris Hilton (just for no reason)


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