Wedding music Help Help

Like it or not the task load is drowning me. The flow of post ideas doesn’t help either. 5 half written post sitting around waiting to be completed. With another one on the way. And I’m supposed to figure out music for a wedding.

Yes Me select wedding music. That can be played with by an off the shelf Sri Lanka wedding band with their heavy artillery speakers.

Corsican folk songs? One of Nusrat‘s gazals? Or perhaps the Sabri brothers? Clearly a Raga from Vilayat Khan might be a bit too much for the Colombo & expat wedding crowd. Tuvan throat singing is a no no.

Of the handful of English language songs I care for Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” is definitely not wedding music. Jim Morrison’s “The End” has been discarded for the “going away”. Perhaps its Ali Farka Touré to the rescue. Billie Holiday? She’s not a wedding sound is she? Bueno Vista Social Club is nice and mellow. Some Bengali folk songs and perhaps something from Rajastan (they do weddings in a big way there I hear). There’s that Sicilian folks song CD too.

But it all has to be played by a band (maybe they wouldn’t mind playing a few CD’s).

This is all too complicated. Should elope like my grand parents did -meeting at the registrar’s during the lunch hour. Leads to bad habits such as blogging at work. But blogging is good brains storming.

Anyway back to toil. This could be my quickest post yet.

Mucha Merci for reading


10 thoughts on “Wedding music Help Help

  1. It would be hilarious if you play “The End” by The Doors at a wedding 🙂

    If ever I do get married, the music played will be an eclectic mix of progressive rock, black and death metal, jazz fusion, carnatic, Kandyan drummers, and a choir singing my favourite classical pieces.

    I attended a Catholic wedding the other day and the Merry Ann Singers, performing classical pieces, just knocked it out of the park.


  2. One song I’d love for my wedding if I ever got married would be ‘First Day of My Life’ by Bright Eyes.

    Theena, I’ve always wanted to have something like Opeth playing at my wedding. Ok so it’s swedish death metal but it’s still very melodic!


  3. Darwin,

    Ahh yes, Opeth – you should start them off with the acoustic stuff and people at the wedding will be fooled into a false sense of comfort. Then you bring on Opeth’s harder stuff with Mikael’s famous growling.

    You know what? I am going to play Death (the band) at my wedding. Yes, sir. Their cover of Priest’s “Painkiller” will signal the beginning of the after party. At this point, old people and the hip hop monkeys can leave.


  4. Sweetidiot:
    Thank you for that list 🙂 Not exactly my kind of music but I guess I have to face the music that my kind of tune doesn’t jive with every one. So the list from your should be a handy starting point.

    The context – for dancing & for background (during the feed). Totally forgot about Hewbrew folk songs… bet it has a matrimonial vibe. Think I’ll have to work in my stuff for the background and the types of songs on Sweet’s list for the dancing. That I think will be the best path for a compromise.

    Darwin: Swedish death metal – not auspicious eh ? 😀


  5. Actually, sweet idiot’s site has quite a variety. I think even a sri lankan band may appreciate playing something a bit different. The cocktail hour music has a mixture of sentimental jazz, and swing standards, which they might enjoy playing. Also, easier on the ears of the oldies. Oldies tend to complain that they prefer to talk than have music blaring in their ears. I do feel sorry for them sometimes.

    I recall a wedding in Sri Lanka, with a violin and acoustic guitar playing some light background music.


  6. I:
    you got a point there. Going to fwd the list to finance for feedback.

    Btw, your comments seem to get caught in a the spam filter quite a few time – hence the delay. Luckily humble self goes through the spam before clearing out the filter.


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