Kottu on Sunday Times

Kottu is the cover article of today’s (17th June 2007) Sunday Times Plus section. Nice bit of mainstream media publicity. The photo in the article shows a desktop with a screen-shot of Kottu main page. With a post by themissingsandwitch readable on the screen.

Roles of some of the big names are there (indi, Sanjana of groundviews, David Blacker, Electra) are covered as well as Kottu’ tsunami era coming of age. So are Nazreen & Dom. No mention of luminaries such as sittingnut or Voice In Colombo. (You may speculate away).

Ayeshea of Ayeshea’s dissertation Project fame is interviewed. Which also highlights the fact that the Sri Lankan blogosphere has not heard back from Ayeshea’s dissertation Project in quite a while.

What’s up with it? Very keen to read it. Had Cerno been around on Kottu earlier Cerno would have been happy to help out too.


4 thoughts on “Kottu on Sunday Times

  1. Hey Cerno, Something happened yesterday that I think the whole blogging community needs to be concerned about. THEMISSINGSANDWITCH blog that was shown in the picture that went along with this article has been hacked into by some vicious SOB. Whoever this person is, is right now posting under themissingsandwitch identity.

    I think all us bloggers shud take some kind of action against this sort of thing happening. If you know any way to help sort this situation out, the missingsandwitch wud be eternally grateful.


  2. thekillromeoproject:
    Just logged in after work and saw the post on Kottu and themissingsandwitch’s comment on my blog.

    I had a few links/refers from themissingsandwitch’s hijacked blog but nothing else.

    I want to confirm that no harm was done to my blog.

    Seems wordpress support has got on the problem. Hopefully themissingsandwitch will have his/her blog back.


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