Cycles of a wartime blogsphere 2

Its been a quiet couple of days in the SLB. Out there on the edge of the mainstream.

The LTTE attacks on Colombo have receded in the rear view mirror. For now that is. So have the digital fisticuffs over the evictions. In the distance, there is a low rumble of comment skirmishes of the old battles on the major blogs. Like a quiet day in the World War 1 trenches, the birds are chirping and the smaller blogs are flowering with more human posts.

As with all things such quiets will not last. There will be some major incident. The heavy artillery of the major blogs will blast their usual venom of hate and rage. Rage at the situation. Hate at the people who have anything to do or say anything about it. And then there’s the rage about the expressions of rage. Its understandable but is it worth while getting so worked up? Eventually it will all shrivel into hair splitting circular arguments buried in insults. The range of angry expression covers the full spectrum. There are flashes of wit in the form of clever comebacks or snide remarks.

Like most battles in World War 1, the majors don’t make any gains in furthering their point of view (other than in advertising traffic) – just hold to their entrenched positions for another day.

Which is what matters in ideological wars.

In the noise someone (the only exception I think) manages  to keep their head with comparatively superhuman objectivity and patience.

So there’s a bit of hope as always. And it give a time pressed obscure blogger something to peck out a short rambling post from work.

Postscript: This sneaky blogging from work thing is leading to too many typos. But its Friday! 😀


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