Punchi theatre Colombo location from 154metres (Geoblogged)

Google Earth Location of Punchi Theatre, Colombo Sri Lanka

Its full name seems to be “Namel Malini Punchi Theatre” (names of the founders).

The building itself is quite an interesting edifice. Even at an altitude of 154 metres simulated by ye olde Google Earth. For a more map like angle here’s the obligatory Wikimapia link to the site of Punchi theatre. I hope I got the location right – basing the location on the proximity to Tickle Road.

Finally managed to get there & bag 2 tickets for next week’s run of “Chat Room“. A long awaited dose of live theatre. The first time I’ve been there. Took a bit of time to find the place due to the blurry instructions given by friends. Should have called up the place and asked but hey its nice not to be in the office and circle Borrala to the sweet sweet nectar of YFM.

Finally, an old Sunday Observer article with some background on the building and the institution.

My Geoblogging Colombo Sri Lanka page has an archive of similar posts



  1. My pleasure 😀

    Happy you like it.

    Gave up on Google maps myself. Wikimapia seems the easiest to use right now. Add some info yourself to the Wikimapia map. Its fairly easy.


  2. Hi Mate …

    That’s crazy … My parents own that theatre … You would have seen one of my dad’s productions … Glad you liked it ..



  3. […] So, Open Mic is on at Punchi Theatre (Borella, near junc) tonight. It’s hard to miss, it literally looks like it was built by termites, near the Lido Cinema. I was stressing the fuck out but things kinda settled. We can hang out in the rehearsal room upstairs. Jan will make some gal arrack tea and pick up some wade from the street in Rajagiriya. You can read or listen or whatever. Dinidu is reading something, as is Halik and I think Ryan and a few other people for sure. Regardless, Jehan and Tracy and I have enough filler. I have some poems, and I just finished what I suspect is a deeply offensive column for the Sunday Leader, so I can read from that. If you are interested or have something you think might be interesting do come. There’s a Facebook event here. If you can’t find the place Cerno has geotagged it. […]


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