Why Chatroom rocks (some thoughts)

I’m still in the pleasant after glow of having seen a very Good work of art. I’m not a drama critic. Just an entity that buys a ticket (and a program), puts the mobile on silent, quietly nibbles on a snack, and get easily carried away by what’s on stage (if its good). So this is still not a review. If you are looking for one you’ll have to look elsewhere. I got too swept away to write anything critical. The best that I can do is try to describe how before I have to get to work.

But don’t take my word for it – go see it your self. Today’s the last day to catch the Chatroom (hope there’s another reboot – SOON).

There’s plenty of parking right by the theatre. We were able to park the chariot between the theatre and the Borella Post Office. Or else along Tickle road – near near a spiff restaurant called La Rambla if you want to put your set of wheels under the gaze of their security folk.

Some thoughts on why Chatroom is a very good play.

The cast is very good. All of them. The characters all got the mannerisms right which totally convinced me. It just felt true (yes yes very articulate no? Vut Tu do I got to get to work soon). In a play with minimal props (even less than what the Greeks) its the acting that makes or breaks it.

Its in the small stuff that all added up. How a character clutches a stuffed toy or holds a whisky glass that said “booz & pills” so clearly that it didn’t even have to be mentioned. Also the costumes backed it up – even at the risk that some cynical types might say they are stereotypical. It didn’t feel so. Teenagers wear trends set by the fashion biz. Whether they like it or not.

The play also caught the feel of internet chatting without actually mimicking it – which was a huge relief. Watching it brought back some interesting memories of IRC so it felt particularly authentic (more on that later). Found the transition from a virtual space to theatre powered by articulate human presence to be very powerful. So unexpected too – specially in this age where it would be easy to pull out the specially effects.

In this play there is only 1 special effect. Very good convincing acting. Certainly got more than my money’s worth 🙂

Ug I’m running out of time and its the hour to get to work. So the specifics will have to wait. Go see it while you can.


I’m not associated with anyone involved with the production and/or the sponsors and/or Punchi theatre.

5 thoughts on “Why Chatroom rocks (some thoughts)

  1. thank you so much cerno… you have no idea how much it means to us to know that all our hard work paid off…

    and you’re right, at the end of it all, it isn’t about whether the audience was there to watch the lights or flashy outfits, they’re there to enjoy a good performance and if we can give them that and keep them satisfied then we’ve accomplished something…

    so thank you again, from me and from the rest of the cast and mind adventures, we hope to bring you more plays like this one…



  2. You guys are GOOD. Seriously (leaving out the gush factor). Felt I had to be said out loud by someone in the seat. Keep up the good work and keep it coming! 🙂

    And so much for not blogging while working… 😉


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