Colombo Dawn, Sunday

Speeding along alone to a small temple across town after having woken up in the pre dawn dark. Fiancee’s folks are have been having some small Pirith sessions at their place. Just the three of them, my parents and humble self. A short bout of chanting about an hour on Friday and Saturday evening. Sunday was the day we give the monks their morning meal.

Wish I had one of those fancy camera phones. Even a low-res image of the day break would be a nice treasure to capture. The sky is the most jaw dropping gradient of gold and blue. After last weeks grey skies the contrast is even stronger.

Its very distracting. Good thing there was no traffic on the roads. I’d have most certainly been killed. Hardly anyone on the streets accept for a few regularly occurring types. The soldiers on patrol are relaxed and smiling. At frequent intervals a dog is taking its human for a walk. Occasionally an jogger – all of them male, expatriate, elderly looking and very fit.

I turn up at the temple exactly on time – which I think scores a few points of approval with farther-in-law to be. Its one of the many small temples tucked among narrow lanes in Colombo. Never knew it was there till now. Its peaceful and immaculately clean. Despite the compact property, it feels specious. The place has a well oiled logistics organisation. Spittoons and old style Tiffin tins (with the temple name in neat letters) are loaded in to the back.

Drive back with 3 monks. Along Colombo streets that seem wide as U.S highways at this time of a Sunday. From the golden light slanting through trees it almost looks like those old photographs from the days when 5 cars in a picture would be called “heavy” traffic.

The last two day’s chanting, the morning’s alms giving and the few words of advice by the monks after the meal about patience, is quite meaningful. There is a unusual feeling of serenity and peace. The tone for which was already set by the 6am drive.

4 thoughts on “Colombo Dawn, Sunday

  1. Interesting you said that – the part of the drive I am recalling in this post is exactly around that area! 🙂 Bullers Road – past Rupavahini and under Maara tree tunnel till that turn off towards Royal.


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