This is my last blog post

as a single person that is. I’ll cease being one in less than 604800 seconds or so (no I’m not pissed off with the whole Lakbima thing πŸ˜‰

People from 3 continents have already landed. Its the mid year wedding season. I’m not the only one in the Sri Lanka blogosphere getting hitched (all the best to Chromosome LK). πŸ˜€ By later today I’ll washed way in the madness of it all so better make my formal ta ta’s now.

This is the longest break I’d have from blogging since I started (not so long ago). No idea what my internet access will be like.

Don’t have too much hope that I will puff out more than 4-6 posts a month when I get back. The time crunch of work and married life will keep the word and post count down. I know I shouldn’t make pronouncements about married life now but it helps to keep expectations (if any) close to the ground (if not under it).

To those who kept the stat graph above zero: Thank You for reading, your comments and encouragement :).


17 thoughts on “This is my last blog post

  1. hey -best of luck. I am sure the wedding will be fine as I have been mighty impressed with the detailing that you attend to on your on the marriage – here are some of my thoughts after 2 years:

    The first 18 months are the hardest. get to know each other as living partners and don’t argue to much on the details.
    communicate on everything – no matter how trivial (not really a personal strength of mine)
    think of it as a journey with no end and take lots of trips (even day trips)
    define some time for the 2 of you as well as time for yourself..



  2. welcome to the cl8ub, dude
    i tell you its much much more tiresome than blogging
    take it from me
    i’ve been there 33+ years and still batting on the same wicket…
    not out!


  3. Congratulations and good luck with everything. This is one of my favorite blogs. Even with this difficult to read- dark templete I put every effort to read every single word you write πŸ™‚

    Will see you again soon. Cheers!!!


  4. Good luck mate! Hope you and the wifey have fun now and in the future! Be sure to pepper ur blog with marriage advice for us kids to absorb:)


  5. “Congratulations” I suppose you leave for the moment, hope you are back again to share more things and some open advises.


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