Hardware Crash

These things of course happen at the worst of times (thank you Charles) . When the back up machine is in the shop my work PC’s graphic card dies. Thankfully the clients are (for once) not in a hurry and the data is backed up in 2 places. At least its not one of the 3 inevitables (Death, Taxes, and Data loss).

All I can do is hop on a test machine and blog while awaiting the arrival of an IT rescue unit (which conveniently is else where in the city and won’t get here till the afternoon).

I have already impaled 3 squealing piglets on the spiked alter of the demonic IT deity in the hope that its the AGP graphics card that’s dead and not the main board of the work station 😐 But as many will know from experience, pleas for mercy does not reach the demonic IT deity easily.

The worst case is having to spec out a whole new workstation and do (or supervise what ever that involves) the configuration myself while working on the backup machine.

The best case scenario (tempered by reality) is that I will be faced with persuading the powers that be to dip into the emergency budget and shop for a high performance graphics card. In a hurry. Before Monday. The leering sceptic in my head is telling me that I’ll end up with an over priced underpowered gadget of fuzzy warrantee. I try to ignore it but its hard.

So I blog my hopes for the best (perhaps the demonic IT deity will behold my grovels and be merciful). Perhaps the weekend won’t be wrecked too badly. There are worse things that could happen. There could be tiny prop aircraft diving at the fuel storage depot or the sewage treatment plant. I should be thankful for my blessings and be happy.

So I am.


So there.

I guess I should to stop typing and get lunch no?

Update: Saved by the IT posse!

Turns out that its a memory issue with the video card for which thankfully there is a back up – which was dug up from where ever it was buried. Much tut tutting about the ancientness of the workstation. Now for a Friday afternoon spent catching up on a morning’s work.

It could have been worse.


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