Pedlar’s Inn cafe, Galle Fort.

View from the Pedlar's Inn Cafe
View from my seat at the Pedlar’s Inn cafe, Galle Fort.

Reminds me of a far better photograph by Dominic Sansoni of the Castle Hotel in Colombo (which I’ve blogged about).

Eventually I’ll get to blogging about the excellent lime juice they have there. Hopefully.


12 thoughts on “Pedlar’s Inn cafe, Galle Fort.

  1. R:
    I was able to drop by the Lighthouse Hotel. Very nice Bawa by the sea feel. Managed to click about despite the psycho Canon I had borrowed.


    1. Sorry don’t have any info to answer those questions – I stopped there for a lime (or was it lemon) juice all those years ago. Price of it I can’t remember either.


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