By the childoftwentyfive. Thought if I didn’t think about it or if I’m busy enough, this tagging thing will go away. But its turning out to be a slow week at work. There are some who might see this as an excuse to prepare for 3 hour lunches. Between worrying about the burn rate, the dribbles of stuff clients send in and lethargic dabbling at long term back burner projects, the blog addicted mind nags.

So here goes:

  1. A Lee-Enfield rifle (not sure about the specific variant) has played a small but significant role in where I am in life today
  2. I’m not a pessimist or an optimist – I prefer to think that the glass is twice as large as it needs to be.
  3. I am inconspicuous in a crowd despite my lime green mohawk and belt fed Uzi because both of these are imaginary.
  4. I’m a sucker for macro photographing foliage backlit by the early morning light – currently in a 1 step programme to wean myself off the telephoto.
  5. I keep obsolete computers puttering along well after their life-spans are over. My laptop of 6 years was a heavily hacked 333mhz mac crammed with open source software. I stopped using it when the main-board gave out (it would cost about the price of a mac mini to replace).
  6. King Wimaladarmasuriya (however you want to spell his name) is one of my heroes
  7. This tagging whole thing feels sort of like a chain letter – something I’d like to not pass on but don’t have the heart to do so (since this particular tagging thing has a harmless positive vibe)

As a compromise, I tag indi, Sittingnut, ITC for peace, A Voice in Colombo, agradevaduta, Defencenet, and Castedeus – people with better things to do than go around tagging people 😉


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