Hikkaduwa School of Design 2

Honouring Jack Point’s request, here’s some more 🙂 Seems there’s more interest in this than I thought. If you got interesting images of Sri Lankan signage with the Hikkaduwa School of Design touch please share the link in a comment.

Scenery, Bed, Food and Booze

Hikkaduwa School of Design

Facing the parking lot of the Sinharaja restaurant on the Galle-Colmbo road. Looks like there’s quite a bit of action. Rare too see someone invest a hefty chunk of info directed at a major highway. Perhaps its to poach Sinharaja’s customers. The Sinharaja restaurant btw has decent vegie fare.

Update: The hotel has a website : www.gangagarden.com

Local brands

Hikkaduwa School of Design

Its a familiar theme to add a first name too an otherwise generic business name – almost like a brand – just to differentiate the place from the rest. At least its not making grandiosely promises.

Brand America

Hikkaduwa School of Design

Seems to sell in Hikkaduwa.

Some Italian sounding flavour

Hikkaduwa School of Design

Not just Coral

Hikkaduwa School of Design

I’m quite sure the R and the A are very similar in the type face they are using. The name has the ring of a 70s era classic. I remember driving past the place for years. This is located near the heavily eroded stretch of shoreline where the hotels now practically jut out over the waves. The main attraction of the area is snorkelling, diving related activities. Practically every establishment has the word coral or blue or something ocean in their names.

Ozone Tourist Rest

Hikkaduwa School of Design
Another classic: the words “tourist” and “rest”. Words more common towards Kataragama. The beach thing might be hinted by the gas. Definitely an original naming choice.

Fusion cuisine

Hikkaduwa School of Design

The type face of the logo defiantly has that “eastern” feel. Though more middle eastern/Indian references than Chinese. Have always wondered what the deal is with the “western food” thing. To make the locals feel sophisticated ? Or to reassure tourists who don’t want to roll the dice with the native grub?


Hikkaduwa School of Design
Don’t think they sing the blues by the size of that satellite dish. Or may be they after paying for it. Hope its working out for them.

Sunny side USA imagery

Hikkaduwa School of Design

The sign in the background says “Palm Beach Guesthouse & Restaurant” . The “Florida Inn” letters seems very very very disco. All pointing towards another familiar “summmer of love” type hippe-ish theme. Palm Beach could refer to the fact that there are palms on by the beach. Yes yes I read too deeply into signs but I won’t even begin to explain the Florida thing.

The Universal

Hikkaduwa School of Design

Hotel, Beach, Guest house, Restaurant. Its right by the “Top secret bar” 😉 so all the universal themes are covered in this stretch.


These types of signage just reminded me of a old post on indi’s site on Sri Lanka graphic design.


4 thoughts on “Hikkaduwa School of Design 2

  1. Good stuff Cerno, thanks a lot.

    Have not been out of Colombo on a holiday in ages, only esential trips where we are more focused on getting there, completing our busienss and returning pronto, thus leaving no time to enjoy the scenary.


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