Building radar systems – popular hobby?

A while back I wrote a rather geeky post about building your own radar systems. This post was written after reading hand wringing that followed about the country’s air defence system (or lack thereof) following the LTTE air raids. Since they I’ve been getting quite a bit of Google hits under various the search terms for building radar systems.

Its peculiar since that post doesn’t come up on the first page of a Google search for those terms. On most days its the top search term that brings traffic from Google and there’s least 1 hit on a daily basis.

I suppose there are plenty of geeks in the world but I never thought such a mind numbing obscure topic would be such a regular traffic source. Perhaps I’ve inadvertently done a bit of search engine optimisation 😉

The LTTE btw, wouldn’t bother with building their own. With their $$$ they can buy a few and they’ve nabbed one from the navy already.


10 thoughts on “Building radar systems – popular hobby?

  1. I’m quite curious to see how your (or your friend’s) radar tests work out 🙂 Hope you put the outcomes/findings on the web and send me a link so I can link from this post 🙂


  2. I’ve landed on that post before, and downloaded a few references, but never dived deep into it (I also remember seeing the USRP after a slashdot post on it, but the price made me shy away from it.) I remember Googling “build your own radar”, and found the post referenced in this one. Apparently it’s one of the few referencse 😛


  3. Hi. I’m 13 and am thinking of builing a radar for very secret purposes and will also be doing a IR or lazer pointer backup system. Can you give me some tips me.

    Ps This is for a dummy “SAM SYSTEM”


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