Top 5 albums for a desert island (desert island discs)

Theena tagged me awhile back and over time the weight of implied obligation has grown to crushing proportions. Also its a handy back up post on a day when there isn’t anytime to polish up a post b4 work.

  1. Big Calm by Morcheeba: Essential for prevent the inevitable psychotic fits and decent to cannibalism (despite my scepticism about cannibalism).
  2. The Last Prophet by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (NFAK): Of all the NFAK discs I’ve owned, lent and consequently lost, this one is my favourite and a survivor. Its has gone with me to 3 continents and is still with me on the island. So I might as well have it with me on a desert island ;). This CD has hooked quite a few people onto Qawwali (including Mrs C). I still remember the moment when the first notes of Ganj-E-Shakar came wafting through the head phones while staring at the yellow walls of beyond the listening station Honk Kong HMV shop.
  3. Hot Women – Better describe this a quote from the site

    This is a collection of obscure recordings of women singers from all over the world, mostly from the 1920s and ’30s, culled from R. Crumb’s personal collection of 78rpm records.

    R.Crumb btw way is quite an interesting chap on his own right. The recordings were made in places where the notion of recording music on a device did not exist. There is a very raw honest feel in the voice of the singers.

  4. Charles Bukowski Uncensored (From the Run With The Hunted Session) – Readings by poet Charles Bukowski of his own stuff. “Buk” as he is know to worshipers, is greatest poet to grace the universe for all time – and perhaps the only one to earn enough from publishing poetry to pay cash for a BMW.
  5. The Cat Empire by the The Cat Empire – Rarely have I heard a western/rock and roll (a type of music I usually don’t like) band communicate such joy and humour in song after song, CD after CD. So good you’ll sheath your Sepuku sword forever or never put a sawn off shotgun barrel in your mouth again. All their subsequent albums are equally fabulously and if I have the choice I’d take them all with with me.

Of course there are many many more which is why I’d rather not end up on a desert island with just 5 disks 😉 This island is nutty enough but at least there’s some music.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 albums for a desert island (desert island discs)

  1. I happened to catch ‘Cat Empire’ live couple of weeks ago. Those guys put up a really good show and with fantastic crowd particiapation and response. I thought they were more reggae-ish than anything else though.


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