Sri Lanka’s Bus Art

Painted bus, Colombo

This type of garishly colourful “photomontages” seems to be in fashion now. Sort of like bad imitations of Jeepneys in the Philippines. The electric blue shown in the above seems popular but so are rather 1980s wall paper images of snow covered mountains, New York (with obligatory statue of liberty) and the Dalada Maligawa.

Well looks like I’m out for the blog time 😦 which is why this one’s short.


3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka’s Bus Art

  1. Hi Cerno, So glad that you are recording these. I have been meaning to do so and have never got round to it. (Thats a long, long list of things not done…) The Jeepneys and trucks in Pakistan were all painted by hand. I just love what is being done here with digital images. Outrageous. As you note, the juxtaposition of images can be hilarious. Great, thank you, I enjoyed this.


  2. Dominic: Wow! You mean you got pics of Jingle Trucks from Pakistan??!!

    Maybe I’m a bit of a traditionalist which tends to pull me towards the older motifs and designs. They seem more “true” than the stuff photoshoped buses. Most likely I’m worn down by photoshoped imagery. Nothing beats good physical old paint on a physical surface. But I do appreciate them for putting some funky colour on the road. 😉

    Very happy you enjoyed the picture 😀 Will dig up some more. Hope you get around to putting the photos from Pakistan on line (hint hint) 😉


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