Marriage is transport logistics

A shocking part of marriage involves co-ordinating your time & tasks with the fluctuating schedules of others : the wife, parents, parents-in-law, other relatives, friends, work, wife’s work & unplanned social obligations such as funerals. Pure logic is not enough to sort it all out. You have to weigh in the subtle shades of emotion politics of those involved. That alone makes the “Travelling Salesman Problem” seem like grade 1 arithmetic. But I’m haven’t even got to the other complicating factors.

Even if you sort out the scheduling and emotional politics stuff it still has to be plugged into the bewildering web of transport arrangements. Where to go, when to go, what to do – all squeezed tightly into something tiny called the weekend. Complicating these are the declining number of parking spots and abrupt road re-directions (with their attendant traffic jams). I won’t whine about road closures to make way for the palanquins of the rulers. We are after all at war and must protect what ever military genius we posses (yes I’m dangerously assuming we have some). And if it rains beyond the merge capacity of Colombo’s gutters, lower you expectations accordingly.

The resulting variables creates a latticework of logistics weaker than house of cards in a wind tunnel and subject to inevitable gusts of someone’s changing plans. The brow furrowing fun lies in trying to improvise on the go. Thinking through it all is a waste of time and preciously brain cells. By the time you reach a “logical” decision the kaleidoscope has already turned twice.

Invariably you can’t please everyone. And if you do you will be the one being grumpy. Something will get forgotten anyway and has to be given up or pushed into the unreachable “some other day”. Thankfully this is Siri Lunka πŸ™‚ There is no culture of punctuality and you can blame the delays on the politicians, the checkpoints and related etceteras.

With offspring the logistics will weave an ever more complex web. In search for simplicity you will carve a yourself a rut of familiar routine. If that hasn’t happened all ready. But we cannot all live the bohemian life.

The key to surviving all this is not to get worked up (seriously). Some life hacking might help. But remember this IS a third world country. It could (most likely will be) worse. You could get a shrapnel kiss of a claymore. Or that 20 minute trip could be a few hours wait while every vehicle is check that is supposed to prevent such a thing.

Having good communications with the spousal unit (who happens to be chill and flexible) is a big plus. Maf said something quite sensible just before I got hitched that is starting to become very handy πŸ˜‰

Less than 5184000 seconds marriage doesn’t exactly give me the credibility to pontificate about it. But this IS a blog no?


5 thoughts on “Marriage is transport logistics

  1. Cerno,
    interesting post , many points to ponder but counting seconds past in marriage is not a healthy past time. at least that’s what i think.
    may be its time you take things in a different perspective.
    after marriage , your simply hired by a third party to provide support services and logistics ,in return you get the necessary admin sorted out , ….
    when a baby comes into the picture its a totally different ball game.
    blog or no blog, its time to put up and not to count as in most cases counting will go on …
    never to run out of numbers.


  2. after 20 something years, my parents still have trouble co-ordinating sometimes.. it helps heaps if both are mobile, especially if you have kiddies that have to be carted to and from school and other necessary outings. at least, that’s what they say. good luck anyway πŸ˜€


  3. IndyanaThank you πŸ™‚

    pissu perera Thank you πŸ™‚ Ah yes the complexities of offspring. That little twist in the transport logistics is rather scary but most humans seem to pull it off…


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