How to prioritise blogging time ?

Prioritising blogging is tricky – particularly if you are married with a day job. Despite my professed love of blogging I don’t dedicate a specific time for blogging. I try to squeeze it in at moments of “free” time – jotting things down on a PDA or logging on to peck a few words. The rest of the time the blog posts are in my head. Constantly tossing around like a stir fry at low heat.So far I’ve been lucky to have enough odd moments to peck out at least 3-4 posts a week. But the time gaps keep getting tighter. I’ve managed with shorter posts – which might do for now but not for long. Another problem is that longer posts end up in draft mode for quite a while. I have 3 half written posts that have been untouched for months.

“Mental blogging” has several downsides – for one it makes me seem rather spaced out and not quite there. I find myself becoming less mindful which has its own negative consequences (sorry the details are classified).

Of course the standard task management “solution” is to set aside a chunk of time to blog. By definition that means blogging has to get a priority over other things. That means having to negotiate blogging time when it comes to coordinating thing. I guess you can see where this is going. Lurking at the bottom is the fact that I don’t want to explain or justify my blogging to anyone. Particularly to myself.

Clearly it lacks any monetary value (unless I go the adsense route which I loath). I spend enough time staring at a computer screen that even more time spent at a computer is not taken well. Parents – and those of their generation are quite appalled by this staring at screens.

The issue of justifying it to myself. It can be a part of “me time” – competing with with other things such as reading, running, wild boar wrestling, taking pictures of buses, flying around on Google Earth etc. Some of them can go – accept blogging seems take way more time than any of those. Perhaps I need to be more disciplined in when it comes to making use of the time I have to blog. As a result I end up blogging from work 😦 like now.

As with all things in life, nothings perfect. Something has to give. Most likely its going to be the wild  boar wrestling (I’m not going stoop to the level of  saying its boring)  and a bit of the reading.  It would be nice to end this post on a positive note. Which its not. I still don’t feel I could honestly prioritise something this personal in the face of other commitments. I suppose its one of the personal development things one has to deal with.

Eh enough of this constipated rambling. Clearly not one of my better posts but Vhut Tu Dhu Kno?


5 thoughts on “How to prioritise blogging time ?

  1. dashofpanache: hmm I guess I could look/rephrase blogging time as “writing time” 😉 but its the whole “blogging mind” and giving into it that bugs me.

    RD has a good post on this which is bang on about why I’ve been feeling uncomfortable with the whole “blogging mind” thing and “making time” specifically for blogging.

    Fact is I hate the notion of blogging taking away from my experience of life. So If I can’t fit blogging in to that day, then I can’t fit it in. There’ll be a free moment that will come by and I’ll be able to write that post that’s been in the back burner.

    Yes I need to chill 🙂


  2. Hey no…this was in fact a very interesting post!And I also realised from this post that I myself blog because of what you term as getting some “me time”!Great thing, isn’t it?


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