Blog Action Day Post: a QUICK look at a solar issue

I ended up signing up for the wold blog action day so I have to uphold my end of the bargain – post anything about the “the environment”.

Well this one’s about solar power. Yes its very hippy very green. Not like the petroleum industry would be celebrating such a day. Heady stuff – more fun to talk about than the complicated nitty gritty of the economics of solar power in general.

On of the more obscure issues that’s hampering solar power these days is the high price of Polycrystalline silicon, an essential ingredient in the production of solar panels. As with most things dealing with energy, the issue is complicated.

So here I am doing my wimpy bit pecking out a post. Powered by the good old CEYLON Electricity Board which is highly unlike to go fully solar any time soon.

A cynical lazy post indeed. Personally I feel the environment will be ok no matter what we do. The humans and other assorted organics will die. Some (not me of course) might say good riddance. The roaches will go on to rule the world (aka “the environment”). Ungratefully of course.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day


3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day Post: a QUICK look at a solar issue

  1. Dili: yes – the things I sign myself on… 😉

    Times Eye Oh come on – why the long face? I could haul out the old accordion and play a few melodies cheer you up but that might crash the server like last time


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