Eelam House on Google Maps

This Google Maps+Google Earth location shows the known address of Eelam house in London (202 Long Lane London SE1 4QB). Its marked by the green dot in the screen shot below.
Location of Eelam house on Google Earth+Google Maps
The some of the sources for this address are

Most likely the place is not as operational as it was in its hey-day when it was the hub of pro-LTTE activity in London. Web-sites such as were registered to this address (though not any more). Lately its suffered a few inquiries from the forces of law and order.

The term ‘Eelam House” also seems to be used for locations of pro-LTTE organisation elsewhere in England which is to be confirmed (as if I got time to find these things out).

5 thoughts on “Eelam House on Google Maps

  1. a few bricks thru the windows followed by some molotov cocktails should do the trick. give them a taste of their own medicine.


  2. nuwan: Its a technique that has never solved anything. Better if it was bugged, and the info from the eavesdropping used to close down their bank account 😉


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