Colombo theatre keeps getting better

Mrs C and I just managed to wrangle tickets for Equus on a week day. The logistics involved getting to the auditorium straight from our places of toil without dinner. Managed to pull it off on time. Felt very un-hip in our rumbling stomachs and rumpled toil cloth compared to the Colombo theatre scene glitterati around us.

Thankfully the lights went out and it all ended in a standing ovation. The cast fled the stage quite quickly. Perhaps their standards were so high that this whole standing ovation thing seemed a bit silly to them.

I’m a lousy reviewer but thankfully Ravana and the Colombo Critic has some good write ups. No doubt there will always be those in the wings who will whine. Yet for the sot in the audience like Cerno, English language theatre in Colombo seems to be getting better this year. And that is a good thing.

Both of Mrs C and humble self were quite blown away by both the presentation and the themes in the play. It was therapeutic to rush in from the mundane of the daily toil and encounter satisfying art. Leaves you asking interesting questions and discovering fascinating “answers”. The overall experience of watching this play reminded me of Chatroom and The Devil and Billy Markham. Equus is notch up the minimalism scale – more actors, greater elaboration in sets and lighting – yet nothing was lost.

Meanwhile the demands for time forces me to keep this post short, choppy and a bit scattered.

But Vut tu du kno?


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