I Carry – first Sunday Scribblings post

I carry attachments accumulated by life and the consequences of being alive. Everyone does. Along with the usual fact that we are all alive (till we die) and that we each have 86400 seconds a day.


Everything from big ones such as wanting to live to a hankering for a coffee around 3pm. The pleasure of attachments when they are temporarily fulfilled and the inevitable disappointment when they are not (or when fulfilment fade). Around this plots are woven. Agendas are set. Careers are plotted. Attachments and desires make slaves of us.

Escape is not possible when living in the soup of society. If you really want out its the begging bowl, a robe and meditation cave in the mountains. I have seem those who had the wisdom to make that leap and they seem so bloody happy.


Of living/ being alive that is. The minor things like the drink of water that hydrates your body and contributes to keep it ticking. The major things – giving birth and first step into addiction. Or a kind word at a time when such thing mattered. Chaos theory types will insist that the entire spectrum of these are a single continuum. We just don’t what consequence will lead to the next. Though we like to plan for consequences that lead to the fulfilment of our attachments.

Right now the only attachment I see clearly is the desire to end this post before it gets too airy, silly and pompous. As if it was even coherent to begin with. As consequence, I will stop typing now.


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