Graphic design of war

These are images of what might be termed as “pro-military” / “pro-war” / “pro-government” posters and bill boards seen in around Colombo. Click on the images for commentary about each of the images. I’ve taken a crack at translating the slogans to English though its turned out to be harder than I thought to find the correct English phrases..

I’m not sure how useful the notes feature for translating/describing the images. Please let me know if you found in useful or annoying. You know where the comment box is 🙂

“Anti LTTE” poster

Pro-military Poster

The flickr page of the image has translations of the wording on the poster.

The face in the cross hairs it that of the Velupillai Prabhakaran, head of the LTTE. Symbolically, he represents not just the LTTE, but also the “enemy” itself. Sort of the way Hitler was the face of Nazi Germany. Thus the poster reflects the perception that destroying the LTTE and ending the war is about hitting a single target. Part of this perception must be influenced by the fact that the JVP uprising was snuffed out with the death of it’s leader in 1989.

“Pro-Military” poster

Pro-military poster

More comments and details on this image on its page

Pro Government poster ridiculing the main opposition party

Anti UNP poster

More details on this image on its page

Military recruitment poster

Military recruitment posters

This design is in the style originating from WW1. More details and commentary on this image on its page

Pro Military Billboard

Pro Military Billboard

More details and commentary on this image on its page.


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