Just another bomb blast

The usual chaos at the scene on the television. While I munch dinner at the parents. The commute back to the nest is going to be hell so might as well camp here and feed and wait till the traffic thins. Cut to another bloodied person being trundled through the chaos at the hospital. Then dull details from spokes people over the phone to the impassive newscaster. The food is simple but yummy. Try not to think of people who might not be seeing or will be seen by their folks. We had done the usual round of calls incase the phones jam. A skill acquired through practise during the 80s & the 90s. Everyone is ok.

I think of American friends who would be utterly freaked out by this sort of thing. All we do is turn off the TV. We do that at family dinners. Nothing new. Afterwards a spin at monitoring the blogs.

What’s worrying is that I’m not even vaguely scared. I should be but I’m not. Despite seeing one of these things happen when I was a kid. Even when waiting for calls to connect.  All that happens is well understood routines kicking into autopilot. The usual resigned mental shrug that this is life in paradise. A reality moulded and maintained by generations of stupidity.

I never did get around to buying the book with the same title by Sandaruwan Madduma Bandara. But I did flip through it in a distant library. Can’t remember any of it as it was long ago. I suppose the same will apply for today’s blast (accept for those directly affected by it). Perhaps the LTTE will say they were trying to hit a MiG hanger. And missed like they usually do. Something for the BBC on a slow news cycle.

Safe travels. The traffic is far deadlier than any bomb.


10 thoughts on “Just another bomb blast

  1. I am not scared at all. not for my kids, not for me, not for anyone. I am now a product of my time, and just wondering what happened and how quickly we have slipped back to an age of barbarism, and I very much mean that in a global context.

    or maybe when i was young i was wearing rose coloured glasses.


  2. I’m so tired of hearing about a shooting here, a bomb blast there… It’s just a general feeling of numbness when you see the news these days. It’s just that much worse when you’re faraway :S


  3. It’s starting to get to me. It’s getting underneath my skin. Not because we have a bunch of terrorists who wanna blow things up. But because we have a bunch of reps who don’t give a shit. And its all because the macho leftists and the monks who wanted war instead of the little bit of peace we had…


  4. No matter how many times I hear of this kind of thing, it shakes me to the core! I called my hubby, who is in CMB, at the moment, and he reacted quite like you . . . I sincerely hope that somehow this gets resolved, but I know I’m just being very unrealistic.Please do take care.


  5. Hmm…I remember it being like that in the nineties, being blase …its more stressful out of the country for some reason worrying about the loved ones…


  6. Indyana Thank you 🙂 Being outside the country somehow can make it a bit more worrying. In the old days, lines to Colombo would jam for hours once the news of a blast got on the BBC. Something that N and Vindi seem to attest.

    Sad thing is that at a gut level I feel that nothing much will change. Lives will continue to be broken. Whether it is of a person shopping for wedding sari with her fiancee or a polio victim from the Wanni. Terror – the only purpose of terrorism – (Lenin) will achieve nothing positive. Politicians won’t get less corrupt. The pro-LTTE media will figure out a creative way to “explain” this one.

    Yeah it has to change as some point. Usually its been for the worse.

    Anyway enough pessimism. Got to go to fort today. Hope that “high” security thing is working….


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