Variations in the art of public transport

Unusual themes in Sri Lankan bus vehicle graphics.

Photographed these buses on the roads to Galle and Kandy. The buses in Colombo seem to have very similar artwork. The name “Anura Advertising” crops up on a lot to of Colombo area buses as the outfit behind the city’s bus graphics. Out of the city there are a few breaks from the “Colombo school” of vehicle graphics.

Hand painted wild life theme

There is artwork in the same style on the sides. All animal/wild life themes done is a child like style. The Giraffes in this picture looks either sleepy or stoned This one was heading out of Panadura towards Galle. Click on the image for a bigger image.
Hand painted bus art

War/military theme

Not too frequently seen in Colombo – on a bus in Kandy. There’s an Apache gunship and a Tornado jet too which is a bit too high end for third world Sri Lanka.
War theme

Chicken bus

The Sinhala lettering directly below the number plate translates as “You who likes what is deliciously and healthy”
Chicken anyone ?


3 thoughts on “Variations in the art of public transport

  1. I haven’t seen any with hideous women – or women for that matter in bus art (thankfully). Plenty of waterfalls and eagles though. Unfortunately didn’t have the camera at hand.

    If you got a picture online (of a waterfall+hideous woman) please most a URL. Would be a nice addition to the collection 😉


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