Colombo checkpoints abandoned?

Noticed that checkpoint on the morning commute was unmanned (upersoned). Even the dog that usually snoozes at it was gone. Wonder if this is due to the Chief justice’s most recent ruling. OR it could be just during rush hour.

IF the Colombo checkpoints are really gone (I doubt it) it pretty much wipes away the relevance of Cerno’s upcoming post: “Guide to avoid wasting time at checkpoints”.

At least I know that my methods work 😉


4 thoughts on “Colombo checkpoints abandoned?

  1. Yeah, I was returning home (to Kotahena) from a friend’s place in Rajagiriya when towards the end of journey I realized that I hadn’t been stopped and checked. The usual check points in Galle Face, too, look abandoned when I was passing by in the afternoon.


  2. Just back from the “outstations” – the checkpoints are still there on the major highways. Though you’d have to be a bus of a truck to get stopped.


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