Sri Lankan newspaper (Daily Mirror) starts blogging

The Daily mirror web-site now lets people post blog posts on their site. Its a section of their site called “Blog Centre“. Seems it started on the 12th of Dec 2007. As I type this there are only 5 blog posts on the site. All you need to post a blog post on their site is click on the red “Post a New Blog” button.

I’ve yet to try this 😉 Perhaps its time for the Sri Lanka blogosphere to introduce itself to the “mainstream” – properly.

The rest of the site has blog commenting features for each article. Today’s article about the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress cross over to the opposition is a heavily commented example.

Each comment  – and most likely each post (I haven’t posted anything yet) gets submitted for “Administrative Authorization”.  I wonder how long they can maintain that as traffic builds up. Then there is always that tricky business of editorial power 🙂

Its still the early days and I guess things will eventually get sorted out. Most likely there will be some sort of drama as each stage is reached. I just hope cooler heads will prevail (despite this being a Sri Lankan audience).

Overall I think that this is a fantastic if not historic development in Sri Lankan media. Or am I being too hyped up about the whole thing?


Besides being a regular reader of the print version of the Daily Mirror I have no financial stake in the paper or the web-site. And they certainly are not paying me for this post 😉


12 thoughts on “Sri Lankan newspaper (Daily Mirror) starts blogging

  1. I just checked it out. I thought they’ll be linking to blog. But this seems like a online version of the letters to editor.. Good for voicing your opinions but not much for bloggers.


  2. Agree with RD… Definite plus over Lakbima.. 🙂

    However like Apex said, it’s more of an online letters to the Editor, and even then I didn’t notice a mention about the author.

    It is very unlikely that bloggers on kottu will get any traffic, to their own blogs.


  3. chaarmax The body of the Blog Centre posts can contain links. But the CSS settings on the site makes the setting look like plain text unless you happen to put your mouse over the links (by chance). Not sure if this is intentional or not. But raising awareness about the Sri Lankan blogopshere in mainstream media would I think have long term benefits to Kottu/Achcharu bloggers in general.


  4. Definitely… ideally if they have a feature like “Digg This”, so bloggers could or their readers could recommend certain posts to the Daily Mirror blog, I think our goal would be achieved. But this is wishful thinking on my part. 🙂


  5. chaarmax That’s a very good idea! I think it is doable with the current set up. Just a matter of typing out the URL and/or making the link more distinct.


  6. Where the devil is the Breaking News part of the Mirror?
    I have been visiting this several times a day
    I am confused with all this blah-blah you have here –
    starting from 2007. Have they abducted your staff doing the
    Breaking News?


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