Colombo checkpoints back?

The “established” checkpoint on the commute seems to be back in action. With a van pulled over. There was a jeep from the local police station parked near by. It didn’t look like traffic police. I wonder if the Chief Justice’s order has been toppled/or ignored.

I was on the road past midnight ferrying doctor parent between hospitals. The closest thing to a checkpoint I was as a traffic police chariot sniffing for drunks. We had the “get out of checkpoints” medical sticker so we were ignored.

Perhaps this is a localised non event. But since this post goes on kottu, its a good way of getting feedback from around Colombo.

If anyone cares to bother – have you spotted any checkpoints back in action around the city?

You know where the comment box is 🙂


5 thoughts on “Colombo checkpoints back?

  1. Yes I have. Everywhere. We were shopping for supplies for next year and we saw all the normal checkpoints back in action. Sirii Lankaawa ne meyaaa


  2. Checkpoints around Nawala/Narahenpita/Nugegoda were operational… but cleverly positioned a few meters away from where they used to be. So it’s not really the “same” checkpoint. Have to admit I’m happy they continue to check… was totally freaked out about SC order. They were one of the few comforting daily sights that made me think that yes, maybe I will get back home with life/limbs intact.


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