Daily Mirror Blog Centre update

Cerno submitted a short post on the Sri Lankan Blogosphere to the Daily Mirror blog centre yesterday. Seems it has got approved (yes ra ra, shameless feeble toot of own horn).

Looks like the site is quite sophisticated to include HTML links. Its blog post text entry page seems to only take plain text. No idea if their system converts it HTML or if its done by hand. You don’t need to know HTML to add the links. I typed my Daily Mirror post in Scribefire and copied the HTML from the “source editing tab”. It would be interesting to see if it can display images 😉

The only quibble I might have is that that the links are not clearly visible from the rest of the text.

But that is a minor detail. The fact is that a Sri Lankan print publication has an online presence with all the linking features of a fully fledged blog. I’m very curious to see where it all leads.

I just hope that a majority of bloggers won’t use this irresponsibly.


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