Colombo December “’tis the season to be jolly”

On the commute home yesterday evening spousal unit announced 5-8 social commitments that have ensnared us. Not that I’m complaining but it pretty obvious its that time of the year. Plane loads of Sri Lankans are descending from all over the world. No doubt to clog Odel like Maliban street in Pettah.

The wedding industry is in high gear. Grindingly high number of “catching ups” and meet ups. Then there’s the unspoken question about what to do on 31st night. Cerno not being a party person is not looking forward to a long night of ear-splitting music, annoying drunks and expensive “tickets”. Perhaps there’s an event with the music of Ali Farka Touré, Nustra Feta Ali Khan and Leonard Cohen. Yes I am dreaming.

Now back to work (for the last time this year). Hence the shortness of the post. But I think this takes care of my responsibilities of being tagged by the rhythmic one.


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