Update: Blogger’s father abducted by LTTE?

Sanjana has an update about the situation.

In the original post on this topic I made some irresponsible comments about why this incident was not reported on groundviews.org and vikalpa.org without bothering to inquire about the facts. For such comments I stand corrected.

Feel a quite shitty about my flippantness on such a sensitive subject.

All I can do now is admit it. Yes it seem a bit self centred to brow beat about this sort of thing but I believe in admitting mistakes/bad judgement. And part of that means actually doing the admitting.

How’s that for some holiday cheer eh?


4 thoughts on “Update: Blogger’s father abducted by LTTE?

  1. “quick web searches” may or may to be a good way come to conclusions.

    however the undeniable fact remains that peacenik ngos ( and their websites including groundviews.org and vikalpa.org) intentionally ignored that and other atrocities of ltte while repeatedly giving credence and publicity to unsubstantiatedl ltte propaganda including “white van” abduction. theories.

    the excuses given by sanjana hattuwa for intentionally ignoring them do not stand up to scrutiny. as i explained in my last comment in that thread posted just before this


  2. Thanks Cerno, even though there was no apology requested or needed.

    It’s a tough call to make when one gets information of this nature as to whether to report it or not. Being located in Colombo, I go with what the source of the story tells me as being feasible, even though going public brings with it a security of its own. Next time you spot or hear something interesting that you think we should be covering, please drop a line in addition to posting it on your blog – citizens journalism is by definition precisely that!




  3. observations on sanjana hattotuwa’s comment:
    it is clear from it ( if anyone needed proof ) that nothing about the atrocity concerned was published in groundviews and vikalpa. (and it happened in august ). not at all surprising to anyone familiar with sanjana hattotuwa’s moo and sympathies .

    so while cerno’s zero search result screenshots may not be the correct way, let us be clear there was in fact zero posts anyway.

    and all the while the story was in other media and was public. as knowledgeable lmr wanninayaka makes clear ( if anyone needs proof ) after it was in press even donars came forword .

    in reality sanjana hattotuwa was not making a decision to run( or not) an exclusive story with all the attendant responsibility as he imply in his comment. instead his actual decision concerned whether or not to exclude a story that was already in public, from his peacenik blogs.

    since details were already public, security excuse advanced by sanjana hattotuwa as the reason for exclusion is without any merit.

    so why did he exclude this story (all the while deciding to publish unsubstantiated ltte propaganda such as white van abductions in groundviews and vikalpa) ?

    that is the question.
    facts are there, and answer is not difficult to make out ( even to ppl not familiar with sanjana).


  4. CPA and Groundviews are private organisations, so one may argue that Sanjana is free to run whatever story he prefers to. Yet they have a social responsibility to justify their actions, and that’s what Sanjana has done here. But the excuse does not sound bona fide to me. As Sittingnut says, the information was already in the public domain. It’s just that our human rights champions chose not to pay any attention to this particular incident, and “doing no harm” has not deterred them from publishing similar stories where the government was the alleged guilty party. There was nothing to prevent them from publishing the story while protecting the girl’s identity.

    The reason they have not done so is to do with their organisational mandate, goals and strategy. As a “peace-talks” advocate, their primary mission is to disseminate/propagate information that would assist in restarting the negotiations between the Tigers and the Government. This “noble” end, they think, justifies the means, which includes not supporting the government’s stand that the LTTE is a ruthless inhuman organisation that cannot be negotiated with.

    Another example is vociferous opposition to abductions, killings and forced recruitment by Karuna/Pillayan group after they broke away from the LTTE. Yet they were engaged in these things at a much larger scale prior to the schism, and certainly the LTTE is still worse than the breakaway faction even today, but Karuna’s crimes drew such disproportionate attention from these human rights groups despite the fact that they were trying to enter the democratic political mainstream and had given up separatism. Yet the same groups suppressed indicting information against the LTTE during the peacetalks in order not to “embarrass” the latter, although they were far more violent and had no intention of giving up cessationism or war.


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