Vellamullavaikkal/Ellamulavaikkal LTTE base Google Earth

Vellamullavaikkal LTTE base location

Google Earth images of Sri Lanka as of 2007 were taken in the 2003-2005 period. This place was located using information from fallingrain,com. The location has been referred to as “Vellamullavaikkal” is as well as Ellamulavaikkal. A1:250,000 scale map I consulted named this location as “Vellamullivaikal”.

This is a usual confusion with location names in LTTE held areas in Sri Lanka. Further muddying the issue is the messy transliteration of Tamil names into English. As well as the highly politicised issue of Sinhala versions of Tamil place names.

According to a Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence report dated Dec 27th 2007, this is the location of an LTTE “facility” which was attacked by the Sri Lankan Air Force. Defencenet has a post referring to this location as “Ellamulavaikkal”. According to the Sri Lanka Army website report that refers to this location as “Ellamulavaikkal”, the site is/was a LTTE naval training facility. The report is dated 27th and most certainly refers to the same air raid.

Location details

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Vellamullavaikkal settlement

Settlements near Vellamullavaikkal LTTE base

Vellamullavaikkal LTTE base location in relation to LTTE airstrips and other bases on the north east Coast of Sri Lanka

Locations of LTTE bases on the north east Coast of Sri Lanka

I wonder why I bother with this type of post when the very unfunny national comedian (Voice in Colombo has extensive coverage on the situation) is keeping the blogosphere entertained. Most likely its because I’m just another dumb blogger.


3 thoughts on “Vellamullavaikkal/Ellamulavaikkal LTTE base Google Earth

  1. Hey, I was shocked to see whrn I saw on Technorati, that you linked to me with anchor text “very unfunny national comedian”. I thought you are refring to me 🙂

    But, as I read your whole article, I realized it wasn’t me 😉

    Anyways, nice post this one. Hopefully, the SLAF will bust all these tiger hideouts in the new year.


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