Colombo 31st night season spirit

The end of year vibe in the Colombo air. Nothing serious has happened at work for the past 2 weeks. Much to everyone’s relief. The frenzy of meeting people you only meet once an year is revving up. Caused by the seasonal migration of relatives, friends, relatives of friends, and friends of relatives that eat up all the meal slots. Its a miracle that people are able to co-ordinate anything in this whirl pool of text messages and calls from long lost voices.

Dominating the calendar is 31st night. A decadent way to burn big bucks (what rising cost of living?) for a hang over and numbed ear drums at some hotel – for the few who can afford it. I suppose it is easy to moralise about partying when there’s a war on, but that happens in every war. For the lesser mortals its perhaps some do it yourself fireworks, a cheaper party, or trying to calm your dog when the things start to go bang.

Fireworks stall Colombo, Sri Lanka December 2007

If 31st night adds extra colour to the street life, it is the fireworks stalls like the one above. But lets admit it, the sad fact about 31st night is about getting drunk. Which Sri Lankans (or a certain demographic anyway) loves to do. Of course its easy to rant about the sins of booze but I’m lazy so I’ll leave the next thousand words to the picture below.

Anti Drunk Driving Sign, Colombo - December 2007 Sri Lanka

Be safe out there. Better still take a trishaw 🙂


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