7 reasons to Taxi / trishaw to new years eve parties

Colombo’s 5 star hotels throw the usual expensive new years eve (31st night) parties. Most of which involve getting drunk – though they are advertised with the subliminal promise of getting laid (at least for the guys). If you are going to get plastered take a cab/three wheeler/trishaw. Alternatively you might want to do something sensible yet interesting like chaarmax 😉

Incase you are not convinced perhaps this list might won’t either but what the hell:

  1. Throw up with confidence: When you need to throw up there’s no need to wind down the window or open the door. If you DO throw up inside, its easier to clean and you don’t have to do it
  2. Money: After paying for those 31st night party tickets, you can’t afford the gas. There’s a war on and the cost of living isn’t going to come down any time soon.
  3. Check points: You’ll still get stopped at checkpoints but you won’t need to fail breathalyser test and waste more time (than money) in the new year trying to pay off the fines.
  4. Life and death: By not driving drunk you avoid killing anyone and/or yourself (the obvious does need to be stated). If a drunk driver (particularly a SUV driving one) does crush the three wheeler you are in, it will be quick. You also avoid the getting the Aston Martin dinged up and use the tax payer money for something else.
  5. Sex: Great excuse to get a person you think is hot to ride on your lap. Alcohol/drugs will hinder your perception of physical beauty but perhaps that’s a good thing. Anyway, there’s about as much room in there as a Maruti but with the canvas side coverings drawn the privacy is greater. Most likely it will cost you less than a hotel room.
  6. Parking: You don’t need to find or pay for it. A trishaw is easier to locate than your chariot in a packed parking lot. Specially when your drunk/sleepy tired.
  7. Anonymous getaway vehicle: If you make an fool of yourself and/or piss off a underworld connected politico’s son.

So this is not exactly a creme de la creme of posts but that’s really not important. What matters is that I’d like to wish you, reading this a safe happy 2008.


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