Comprehensive Sri Lanka Air Force aircraft image collection

Found a blog with a compressive collection of images of SLAF aircraft. They are posted in a photoblog style and include a set on the SLAF’s Kfir airfcraft and goes back to days of the Sia Marchettis and Pucaras. That’s just scratching the surface.

Granted some of the images might seem familiar. Chances are you might have encountered them scattered across the web. However it is rare that these would be collected within a single site – blog or otherwise.

The blog is called “SRI LANKA AIR FORCE DEFENDERS OF OUR SKIES” (yes the blog title is in all caps). This web-site will no doubt attract all types of labels depending on your political stand. However “Peacnik” is definitely NOT one of those labels 😉

Politics aside, the site does have info and links to deeper background information. Which makes this clearly unofficial SLAF blog interesting reading for aircraft “buffs”.

The only draw back I see from a blog usability point of view is the inability navigate through older posts (archives). Something that’s easy to rectify I’m sure. For now, a starting point for the aircraft image collection is this early post of a NANCHANG TF 6 / CJ 6 trainer.

4 thoughts on “Comprehensive Sri Lanka Air Force aircraft image collection

  1. Hi

    Both Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Airforce blogs were created to fill the vaccuum created by the non-existance of such visual info on one site to provide an understanding of Sri lanka’s true strengths to its citizens overseas. As you already know, neither of the govt websites provided those information at the time.
    Since starting the two blogs, countless others have followed suit, and today provide a valuable source for the target audience.
    I also repeatedly requested the government webmaters to provide more graphical evidence to the public and like to think the changes and availability of such information since then to have resulted from those efforts. In a final analysis it doesn’t matter who initiated it, as long as the job gets done. Similarly, I’ve consistently pursued the really nice blog, DefenceNet, to also publish photographic and video evidence of their reports, which they’ve started doing. I do hope these actions provide motivation and a rallying point for all Sri Lankans abroad.
    Similarly and without a doubt, the services rendered by your blog towards the same ends, is much appreciated as well.


  2. I sure appreciate all the web site that you’ve mentioned, i visit them daily and pass the info to other friends and family, as they are eager to learn what is happening in SL. these images and information had helped me understand the role each arm of the DF is playing and their strengths. which in turn help me relax cause I can see that they have the equipment, manpower hopefully leadership to carry out such a task and will proved security to motherland and help eradicate terrorism. so I can visit this beautiful Island and support my brothers develop it. keep up the good work.


  3. Rasika Thankyou 😀 Very happy to hear that you found my site interesting and useful. 🙂 Wish I could be as optimistic as you though.


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