Colombo sunset

Cut open a ripe mango and there it is – the glorious orange of a classic Colombo sunset. I’ve been unable to properly reproduce in any media – digital or otherwise. Of course if you’ve got access to ripe mangoes you are very lucky. Or you live here and know the colour.

For me it has less to do with the colour of the sky when the big orange takes its evening dip in the sea (best viewed from a place like Galle face “green”). It is the colour of the light hitting wall, buckets and cheesy plastic chairs that takes my breath away. The every day magic that we take for granted. Its only in the last few years that I’ve made the effort to notice these things. A few times I’ve managed to break the spell and fumble for the camera – never with really satisfying results. I’m quite sure Dominic has a decent stash somewhere. A lazy search revealed this shot of the Barefoot cafe which catches the mood somewhat. Most humans though seem to prefer something operatic. Very understandable.

A sunset anyway is a flash of the cosmic Kaleidoscope – generated by geography, atmosphere, season, and mirrored by the perceptions of the beholder. Never to be repeated again. All the places in the world I have lived have had a character to their sunsets. Futile to describe and impossible to fully capture. Its best to absorb the moment and be very happy to have experienced it.

Of all the sunset I have seen, the ones in Colombo are the best. You can enjoy that light without requiring a view. Even when sitting in a chariot chugging along through the evening clog of infuriated deranged drivers. You can still be filled with happiness in the way that mango light hits the sides of grimy buses, grubby buildings or a shrapnel pocked wall. Always changing. Gone by the time you reach for the camera.

The joy of this mango colour is dangerous to describe – particularly with words. People will think you are mad or worse eccentric. It is more productive to share the joy with stunning photographs that reduces the rationalists to infantile oohs and aahs. Failing that the sensible thing and blog about it. Which I don’t mind since I feel comfortable admitting to all the silly charges of romanticism, naiveté, and other yada yadas.

I love the yumminess of mangoes anyway.

If you got a good picture of the Colombo sunset light illuminating something interesting send me the link. The comment box is below 🙂

Sunrise in Colombo has its own magic, but that’s another post 🙂

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