LTTE X-Ray base location area, Google Earth image (updated)

Updated 24th Jan 2008

Google Earth images below show the general area of the LTTE’s “X-Ray” base which was attacked by the SLAF on 23rd January 2008.

Based on tinker’s comment, I cranked out an updated image of the general area below. Most of the area is featureless jungle so no doubt the “X-Ray” base is well hidden.

General area of LTTE

Images from original post with corrections/notes

Note: the clearing marked in the images below is NOT the actual location of the LTTE “X-Ray” base.
LTTE's X-Ray base general area

The defence ministry web-site’s news release has a small map of the approximate location. The area shown in the above image is based on this map. The airforce may have “pin point” accuracy but the defence ministry web-site is clearly not that precise. 😉

Close up of strange clearing in LTTE held area
I chose the strange clearing in the image above to mark the site of possible base. Most likely the real thing must be heavily camouflaged. Since the area has thick jungle cover this clearing is the only major landmark.

Defencenet has extensive discussion this news item followed by an update on the LTTE reaction.

This area is in the vicinity of the LTTE’s Iranamadu airstrip (visible on the lower right hand corner of the top most image). A Google Earth location marker for this airstrip is already online. I have book marked a more precise (thought not “pin point”) Wikimapia location.

Keep in mind that these Google Earth images date back to the 2003-2005 period.

Corrections, updates and more info is quite welcome 🙂

14 thoughts on “LTTE X-Ray base location area, Google Earth image (updated)

  1. Cerno,
    what you have indicated is not the site referred as the X-ray base. its a rockey outcrop that the LTTE has used as a source for earth/rock for its runaway construction.
    MCNS refers to Kalmadukulam area which is more or less the area that is just top of the smaller tank east of Iranamadu tank. road eastwards from the road junction above the rocky outcrop leads to Kalmadukulam.
    however according to a statment made by the SLAF spokesman , location that was hit was in fact north of Iranamadu ‘airstrip’ in thick jungle ,
    so we can assume its somewhere within the 1.7sqkm area covering east of road leading to the ‘airstrip’ , west of the small tank and south of the road leading to Kalmadukulam and north of the ‘airstrip’ .


  2. Cerno ,
    by the way many thanks for the great post. i think you’r the only one who has more or less pin pointed the location at atleast to the last 4-5km.
    as we hear more and more details about the strike and also the possibility of VP being a target, i guess with your post and effort more bloggers can have a feel of the area in Vanni.
    thanks again.


  3. tinker: Thank you 😀
    Specially for the update 🙂 I’ll try to whack out a few more Google Earth pics of the area if I get a chance.


  4. I think you shouldn’t jump into conclusions that your the only person who posses GOOGLE EARTH. Even the we tigers use GE. I think our defence dont want reveal exact locations since they know a lot of people have access to google earth this day and age. I think every one knows where the airstrip is. But you could be wrong about the X-ray base. i dont think i am that dumb to build my base at the edge of a intersection dont you think ?


  5. Prabhakaran: I NEVER concluded that I am the sole user of Google Earth. But I do not assume that EVERY reader of this blog has Google Earth installed. The air strip location file (.kmz) was already uploaded onto the web by some else and appears on Google Earth. It is rendered when the image was generated along with the other location markers.

    I placed location marker on that clearing since its the only major landmark in the area. My mistake was to label it incorrectly.

    I apologise for that error and if that upset you (but you are a tough guy who should be able to handle the trauma;) )

    I did stay in the text that followed:

    I chose the strange clearing in the image above to mark the site of possible base. Most likely the real thing must be heavily camouflaged. Since the area has thick jungle cover this clearing is the only major landmark.

    Thanks to tinker’s comment I will be updating the location images based on his info.


  6. Prabakaran ,

    great to have you checking Cerno these days!
    your right on have control and you too have GoogleEarth too.we all know that.also congrats on the use of GE for your mil ops.and yes , i do agree with you on the location and the placing of the X-ray base.and what a wanker this Cerno and the lot is, to think they can track you via GE.
    but sadly , it seems the SLAF not only know the locations , but also seems to know exactly which vent hole or window to drop the laser guided bunker busters through , just like what happened to that guy called ‘Tamilchelvam’.

    read the rest of my reply at


  7. wow, even Prabakaran reads Cerno these days! kaatada aaadambara!!! haha..
    guess now that the LTTE is corned to a small stretch of land in Vanni , Prabakaran has more time to read and surf !
    do tigers surf?


  8. Hi Cerno

    I think your second location is way closer to the XRay Base that the first one. I think the base it a little bit north, because if you zoom into the area you can see walk ways into the jungle.

    Here is a picture


  9. C mate… so how far was other base the SLAF whacked 2 days ago ? Also, Illiyan their mouth piece has gone AWOL, whatch think happened to him mate ?


  10. rajarata Finding these bases on the map and Google Earth is not easy. For one the transliteration of place name in English is quite messy and the maps take a fair amount of time (which I’ve been having less off lately) to sort out.

    Do a search on YouTube for SLAF videos – all put out by the ministry of defence. There’s a fair amount of blurry video with explorations. Usually in the beginning they will show a map of the supposed location.

    If you do spot any of those places on Google Earth on a map drop me a link 🙂


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